Tasty Hemp Foods!
  • Essential fatty Acids ​
  • Protein​​​
​​Treat Yourself to Something Sweet
and Healthy!
Enjoy our sandwiches, ​now gluten free!

NOW in Denver, serving our world famous Hemp I Scream! Sandwiches, Vegan Hemp Cookies, and making amazing coffee drinks with Hemp I Scream! like their Hemp Frappuccino:
4300 West Alameda Ave at Stuart St, between Federal and Sheridan, Denver, Colorado!!! 
open 6 am thru 3 pm​​​​

Sandwiches, pints, cups and cookies are available at:

 * Alfalfa's, Boulder CO
 ​** Allgoods, Buena Vista CO
 ** the Bong Shop, 2728 E Colfax, Aurora CO 720-999-4873
 * Conoco, 55th and Arapaho, Boulder CO ​
 ​* Cottonwood Hot Springs,
​Buena Vista​​ CO
 * Clint's Bakery and Coffee House, Breckenridge CO​
​ ** Eldorado Corner Market,
​Hwy​ 93 CO (buy pints and sandwiches here!) 

 ​* Eureka Natural Foods,
Eureka CA
 * Hell's Kitchen, Manitou Springs CO 
 * ​Hemp Fusion, Palmdale CA ​
** the Hemp Store,
​Manitou Springs CO 
 * Hempfest Central, Seattle WA 
 ​* Lolita's, Boulder CO
 * My Hair Trip, Denver CO​
 * Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
​​ **Neighborhood Coffee Cafe, Denver CO ​
​ ** Nooch Market, Denver CO
* North Coast Coop, Arcata CA
 * SLC Hemp, Salt Lake City UT 
 ​* Sun Deli, Boulder CO ​​(buy pints and sandwiches here!)
 * Tacko, 3115 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA ​
 * Villa Grove Trade, Villa Grove, CO​ 
 * Whole Foods
 ​* Wildberries, Arcata CA

** ​use our coupons at these locations

​​​ Ask your local store to get them!​​

If the store where you do get them is not on this list, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! contact prairielaina@yahoo.com and give me the details. --Thanks​

Hemp Sources Inc.
P.O. Box 7137
​Boulder, Colorado 80306

(303) 237-3579
Check us out on Facebook or drop us a line. We have a variety of flavors and
​great prices.

Shockingly Delicious!
Your support matters.
Hemp for Victory!
Your support matters.
Hemp for Victory!
​you can see us at:
 Indo Expo 
​January 28 & 29
in the Denver
Merchandise Mart
451 E 58th Ave
Denver, Colorado!​​​

For a surprising treat, Laina suggests you try getting together 1 pint of Mocha Mint Hemp I Scream!, some carrot juice and at least 1 friend or someone who should be. Make floats with your preferred ratio of Scream! to juice and notice how delightfully it turns into a "shake" before you're done. (You know how that poke, stir and taste technique changes the texture as you enjoy the experience.) 
F​eel free to use Double Dutch Chocolate instead of Mocha Mint, they are equally fantastic depending on which you prefer in general.