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Hemphasis Interview
Hemp Sources Inc., P.O. Box 7137, ​Boulder, Colorado 80306 - (303) 237-3579
We offer a full line of hemp foods, and placed the price sheet on its own page so you have the opportunity to purchase​ our HEMP PROTEIN POWDER and HEMP SEED OIL. You may wonder how best to use them.  The following examples are to stimulate your imagination, so you can develop a spectrum of ways to enjoy hemp in your diet.
HEMP SEED OIL, so full of omegas and other wonderful nutrients, should not be overcooked, so I prefer to use it raw, in salad dressing, in hummus or pesto, to make fresh almond butter more spreadable, in frosting for cake or toast. If you wish to "cook" with it, use techniques that limit time and temperature, to preserve the highest nutritional content possible.  
​Simple HEMP SEED OIL, drizzled on bread or your alternate (it should be able soak in), with nutritional yeast sprinkled on, is a quick, high quality snack or basic part of a meal.
To enjoy our HEMP PROTEIN POWDER, you can use it wet or dry.
​​To prepare a full bodied hemp milk, whip 4 parts water with 1 part HEMP PROTEIN POWDER (the first time you do it use a clear container). Start by observing the separation of the layers as the classes settle. Hulls are the darkest layer at the bottom, with clear demarcation between hulls and protein.  If you leave it to set long enough, there will be a thinner milk at the top, graduating into the thicker creamy milk above the hulls.  You may decant before the milk thicknesses become distinguishable; I just thought you would enjoy seeing how it looks, hence the suggestion to use a clear vessel the first time.  To finish up, decant the milk, pouring the liquid from the first container into a second, ending the pour just before the hulls begin to leave, too.  If some do pass along with the milk, simply decant again, until you have no hulls left in your milk. (*see below )  Making your hemp milk in the 4 to 1 ratio suggested above gives you high quality milk, with a gram of protein or better per fluid ounce, as strong as the milk we use in our HEMP I SCREAM! 
Once you have the milk, you can make your favorite smooth​y or use in coffee, or add sweet or savory flavorings to use on cereal or in other ways, certainly as the liquid milk in recipes.
To use dry, in baking or in waffles and pancakes, make your favorite recipe and divide the dough or batter into halves. Mix the HEMP PROTEIN POWDER into one half until it tastes or feels slightly gritty, keeping track of the amount you add, then mix the two halves back together and proceed as usual. This leaves the hulls in, in a way that can be enjoyable to palate and good for digestive system. ( **see below ) Once you have measured the amount needed to enhance your recipe properly, you can mix it with the dry ingredients before combining wet and dry as many recipes instruct.

( * ) The hulls make a rich addition to compost, or can be dried, mixed with epoxy or other fixative, and shaped into, for example, guitar picks, as well as many other useful and interesting things.​ Try not to send too many hulls down the drain all at once, into your plumbing.
( ** ) Unless you have a condition in which your system is too sensitive for you to digest this texture of inert particles, in which case you can use the liquid milk which you can have as pure as you can see.
Ingredients for Unbleached Vanilla Hemp I Scream! and Vegan Hemp Cookies: 
HEMP I SCREAM! -> hemp milk (water, ORGANIC hemp seed flour*), granular fructose, canola oil, natural flavors, vanilla, sea salt. 
VEGAN HEMP COOKIES -> GF rolled oats, GF millet flour, turbinado sugar, canola oil, ORGANIC hemp seed flour*, sunflower seeds, water, spices, baking soda, vanilla, lecithin, sea salt, ORGANIC hemp seed. 
 [ GF = gluten free ] ​​​
​​​* Certified Organic by OCPP. 
Did you ever have the "problem" of what to do with a refrozen sandwich? Well, let me give you an idea:
Take 2 med. apples finely shredded, 1 ripe banana​ thinly sliced, 1 tbsp lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice etc to your taste, 1 refrozen Mango Love Hemp I Scream! sandwich and mix completely. Also make your favorite pie crust, and fill using bottom and top, slit or lattice style. Bake as your pies turn out best, and enjoy! (Probably 400 to 425 F, until it has arisen and the crust has browned a bit.)
P.S. I put a photo of my pie on Facebook. It was an amazing breakfast the next morning. And the day after...

Another Recipe: ​
Put 1 refrozen sandwich into the pancake mixing bowl, add a tablespoon or two of your favorite flour, then a tablespoon or two of water or richer liquid (like nut milk or juice); stir well. Lightly grease pancake griddle for each pancake and cook 2" or smaller pancakes til crusty before turning. I find they need nothing else for pure enjoyment. I had some for breakfast the past 2 mornings, the first with wheat flour, next with millet. Tomorrow, corn or rye...Increase ingredients as you increase the number of friends at the meal.​