• For Dessert:
    Single Cup Servings
  • Now, everything is gluten free!​
Hemp Sources Inc., P.O. Box 7137, ​Boulder, Colorado 80306 - (303) 237-3579
Look on the page called "wholesale price sheet" to find a list of our products with price and other information.  Currently, it is a text sort of document, with no lines for the columns and rows, but at least the items are properly spaced, and it can be printed right off the site. When I manage to get this website to accept a fresh pdf, I will put up the real version of our wholesale invoice. I will, in the meantime, take the opportunity to remind you that:

In addition to dessert, you will find our complete line of hemp foods, including HEMP PROTEIN POWDER and HEMP SEED OIL, so don't be shy, order soon!  We can mail anything which is not frozen, and shipping can be arranged for frozen items, just call us.​​