Tasty Hemp Foods!
  • Essential fatty Acids ​
  • Protein​​​
​​Treat Yourself to Something Sweet
and Healthy!
Enjoy our sandwiches, ​now gluten free!

NOW in Denver, serving our world famous Hemp I Scream! Sandwiches, Vegan Hemp Cookies, and making amazing coffee drinks with Hemp I Scream! like their Hemp Frappuccino:
4300 West Alameda Ave at Stuart St, between Federal and Sheridan, Denver, Colorado!!! 
open 6 am thru 3 pm​​​​

Sandwiches, pints, cups and cookies are available at:

 * Alfalfa's, Boulder CO
 ​** Allgoods, Buena Vista CO
 ** the Bong Shop, 2728 E Colfax, Aurora CO 720-999-4873
 * Conoco, 55th and Arapaho, Boulder CO ​
 ​* Cottonwood Hot Springs,
​Buena Vista​​ CO
 * Clint's Bakery and Coffee House, Breckenridge CO​
​ ** Eldorado Corner Market,
​Hwy​ 93 CO (buy pints and sandwiches here!) 

 ​* Eureka Natural Foods,
Eureka CA
 * Hell's Kitchen, Manitou Springs CO 
 * ​Hemp Fusion, Palmdale CA ​
** the Hemp Store,
​Manitou Springs CO 
 * Hempfest Central, Seattle WA 
 ​* Lolita's, Boulder CO
 * My Hair Trip, Denver CO​
 * Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage
​​ **Neighborhood Coffee Cafe, Denver CO ​
​ ** Nooch Market, Denver CO
* North Coast Coop, Arcata CA
 * SLC Hemp, Salt Lake City UT 
 ​* Sun Deli, Boulder CO ​​(buy pints and sandwiches here!)
 * Tacko, 3115 Fillmore St, San Francisco CA ​
 * Villa Grove Trade, Villa Grove, CO​ 
 * Whole Foods
 ​* Wildberries, Arcata CA

** ​use our coupons at these locations

​​​ Ask your local store to get them!​​

If the store where you do get them is not on this list, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! contact prairielaina@yahoo.com and give me the details. --Thanks​

Hemp Sources Inc.
P.O. Box 7137
​Boulder, Colorado 80306

(303) 237-3579
Check us out on Facebook or drop us a line. We have a variety of flavors and
​great prices.

Shockingly Delicious!
Your support matters.
Hemp for Victory!
Your support matters.
Hemp for Victory!
​you might have seen us at:
 the Ft Collins Sustainability Fair
​September 12 & 13
with the
Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries​​

For a surprising treat, Laina suggests you try getting together 1 pint of Mocha Mint Hemp I Scream!, some carrot juice and at least 1 friend or someone who should be. Make floats with your preferred ratio of Scream! to juice and notice how delightfully it turns into a "shake" before you're done. (You know how that poke, stir and taste technique changes the texture as you enjoy the experience.) 
F​eel free to use Double Dutch Chocolate instead of Mocha Mint, they are equally fantastic depending on which you prefer in general. 
Thanks for your support!! Since we partnered with the non-profit, Prairie Wilderness Cemeteries, for a combination of fundraising and educating on the topic of Green Burial, we have passed on the donation of $60. as their share of the days' business.​